Top 9 Tips for Cheeks Makeup the Easy Way!

Are you gifted with Cleopatra looks and super high cheekbones which make you look downright sexy? And even after possessing such beautiful cheekbones you have no idea how to do makeup on them or how to even apply a blush properly? Fret not, because this article is meant to give you superb tips and tricks on how to apply makeup on your cheeks the easiest and the best way. Before proceeding with anything one should always know the structure of their face. It is very important for a person to know the contour of her face and then accordingly choose the makeup which suits her face!

Also one sometimes over do with their makeup and apply quite a generous amount of blush on their cheeks and hence end up looking like a wrecked clown! You should always the threshold level of your cheeks makeup and apply it accordingly so as to look impeccable. That is the main aim of the article- to show you various techniques of applying makeup on your adorable cheeks and to do it in oh so perfect manner that you win millions of hearts wherever you go!

1.Tip #1: Get to know what Skin you have1

Each and every one of us are different from each other and should have an idea of what skin type we are as the skin types and tones vary with people. Once you get to know your skin type, you would get an idea of which color blush to choose to apply on your cheeks and hence you would never go wrong ever! Women with dusky skin tones should go for colors such as cinnamon and other warm shades like orange. Women with fair skin tones should go for palette comprising of colors such as mauve, light pink shades etc.

2.Tip #2: Know the Shape of your Face2

*Blush for Round Faces- if you are certain that the shape of your face is round, then begin with your blush from the top portion of your ears and work your way down towards the cheeks. Make sure you blend your blush well so as to make your face look more elongated.

*Blush for Long Faces- if you have long face then you should concentrate on adding more colors on the apple of your cheeks.

*Blush for Square Faces- Create an angular look by commencing with the blush from the top portion of your ear and reaching down towards the cheeks.

*Blush for Heart shape Faces- simply apply cream blush in a good way over the apples of your adorable cheeks.

3.Tip #3: Go get a Cream Blush3                  

It isn’t a rule to just apply powder blushes on your cheeks. If you wish you can even try the cream based blushes which are quite easy to use and imparts a beautiful color to your cheeks too! You can apply cream based blush using a brush or even your fingers.

4.Tip #4: Get Well-Sculpted Gorgeous Face Easily4

If you are a die hard fan of sculpted faces and think that it can be obtained only via surgery then you are very wrong! Always go for blushes which are at least two shades darker than the original tone of your skin so as to get a beautifully lifted face in a jiffy. Apply this blush over the line of your awesome cheekbones exactly and blend it upwards as much as you can!

5.Tip #5: For getting Dewy and Glowing Face5

Do you like the dewy and glowing face that the celebrities flaunt on the red carpet but then you feel hapless that you cannot get the exact same look for yourself? Then you are mistaken as you can get the dewy look too! For this you will need a good cream based blush and apply it on the apples of your lovely cheeks. Now to this you need to add highlighter in order to highlight your face. This will make your skin glow like diamonds!

6.Tip #6: Makeup Night and Day6

For daytime, go for subtle and sophisticated makeup because the more the makeup, the more you would tend to appear plastic! But at night you can let yourself loose and go for daring and alluring blush shades as well as liquid highlighters! This tends to make your cheeks glow naturally and make you look like a Diva! Its party time girls!

7.Tip #7: Do not go for Blotchy Makeup7

Always and always make sure that you apply a really good foundation on your face before going for blushes. Go for a good base makeup before attempting adding blush to your cheeks. If you do not apply foundation on your face initially and proceed with applying blush, this would blotch the entire makeup and you would end up looking like a total mess! And I am sure you would not want that to happen!

8.Tip #8: Be gentle with the Blushes8

Super bright colors are apt for the canvases and paintings but if you attempt to get these colors on our cheeks, then that would end up in a disaster for you! Be light and gentle when choosing the right blush for your skin and applying it. If you are a novice in the art of using a blush then you should first experiment with tones which are sheer in nature instead of jumping straightaway on the pigmented type blushes!

9.Tip #9: Get Long Lasting Makeup!9

Always buy blushes which stay on for a long time on your cheeks without creating blotchiness! When you apply cream based blush, top it off with a matching powder based blush so that the makeup stays on for a long time. You can even apply a stay on makeup spray so as to make your makeup last for a long time without it running down your face after sometime!

Hope this article helped every girl out there! Keep Blushing Divas!

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