Use a Growth Serum and Ditch Your Mascara

Creating beautiful, long, thick eyelashes is one of the more difficult challenges of the beauty industry. Mascara, fake eyelashes, eyelash extensions, Latisse lash serum–all of these products have their own problems and hurdles to jump over in order to get close to the full lashes that really make someone’s eyes pop.

Mascara gets goopy. You have to apply it every day. Some of them work, some of them don’t, and none of them are exactly right, consistently, day to day. This solution has been around forever because it sort of works, but there should be something better.

Fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions have the advantage that they create a predictable look. It is possible to say how long and full the lashes should be to maintain a specific look. The downsides are in maintenance, cost, and the hassles that come along with wearing them.

Latisse lash serum seemed like a promising option when it hit the market. It promised to make eyelashes grow to be full and long on their own. Unfortunately, studies proved it to cause eye irritation, skin discoloration, and even potentially permanently change eye color. That is a serious list of side effects that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

With all the above options having so many downsides, it’s a wonder that anyone bothers with their eyelashes at all. But long, thick lashes make your eyes look bigger. So it’s worth it, right? Because what else are you going to do?

DIY Lash Growth Serums

Castor oil hasn’t actually been proven to influence eyelash growth. That being said, there are early studies that suggest there are chemical compounds in castor oil that may have potential.

Despite this lack of evidence, castor oil is a promising solution that is frequently recommended, even by dermatologists. Applying it should spark eyelash growth to create a longer and thicker look by making the lashes denser.

It is an oil, so it can cause a bit of a mess. Some people might have breakouts from using it, and there are some people who are allergic to castor oil.

Vitamin E is another popular solution. Research on this solution is again limited. They have been studying Vitamin E for hair loss and those studies have been promising. There are other studies, however, that suggest eating too much Vitamin E could even have a negative effect on hair growth.


Castor oil is rich in Vitamin E, which is why some believe that others have made this connection.

Other popular examples of DIY lash growth serums that have little science backing them up, but seem promising, are coconut and almond oil.                                


One study has led many to believe that coconut oil may help prevent protein loss in hair. This doesn’t mean that it sparks hair growth, but it does mean it helps keep hair healthy. Healthy lashes should mean better looking and happier lashes overall.

On the topic of almond oil, people believe that sweet almond oil moisturizes the hair follicles, and that stops them from falling out. Again, there is a lack of research on this, so your mileage may vary.

Also, again, these are both oils, so they have the same problem that all of these have in that they may cause breakouts and they may be messy. There are also natural growth serums you can purchase, like the Xlash conditioning serum. It comes in a convenient three milliliter tube, which cuts out a lot of the messy work involved with a solution like castor oil for trying to grow longer, thicker, darker lashes.

How to Apply Natural Eyelash Serums

If you are using something you haven’t used before, do a skin test first to make sure you aren’t allergic to the product. It would be horrible to discover this so close to your eye. For the best results, use a serum after you’ve completed your makeup removal routine at night. After your face is clean of makeup–including mascara– and you’ve removed your contact lenses, you’re ready to begin.

If you are using something like castor oil and don’t have a professional applicator, use a clean cotton swab to apply the serum to your lashes. Give the product time to absorb without rubbing it into the eyelashes. It isn’t a great idea to apply mascara after this, which is why nighttime is the best time to apply.

Apply the serum once a day and wait for results. Ditch Your Mascara! Take a before picture at the beginning of the process and wait about a month to take another. Hopefully, after a month of daily application, you’ll be able to see visible growth.


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